If the replacement of your damaged windshield is inevitable, look for an auto glass service provider that offers robust coverages for their services, like ourselves Yellowstone Auto Glass.

Most windshield replacements come with limited or complete warranties, which cover damages or defects emanating from the installation works. However, there is no standard warranty to replace a windshield in the auto glass industry, so you expect the protections to vary quite widely.

Before seeking information about the warranty, ensure that the auto glass installer prioritizes the quality of their tools and materials. Here at Yellowstone Auto Glass, we install windshields that meet federal standards for auto glass installation, whether you want your damaged windshield replaced with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket glass.

It’s smart to bring your vehicle to a service provider with a comprehensive warranty to replace windshield that offers appreciable coverage for the replacement glass and installation.

Typically, a comprehensive warranty covers the following issues:

  • Stress cracks that form after the installation work
  • Repaired chips and cracks that spread
  • Wind and water leaks that occur at the intersection between glass and window frame

Often, auto glass installers don’t offer coverage against leakages that results from rusty pinch welds.

At Yellowstone Auto Glass, our transparency calls for us to first inform you about the existence of rust that can significantly affect the installation work and warranty. From there, we let you decide whether we can proceed with the replacement works.

Keep in mind the fact that a windshield replacement warranty may not cover cracks or chips that result from future incidents.

Additional Coverage for Related Equipment

The modern windshield is not just glass, but also a system of functionalities. Check whether the installer’s warranty covers any equipment connected or used together with the windscreen, including but not limited to defogger, heating element, and radio antenna.

Before the replacement commences, ensure that the related equipment is working correctly. Even if the functionalities were not damaged during the incident, it’s not uncommon for installation works to interfere with them.

However, our comprehensive warranty covers potential effects on these parts, ensuring that you enjoy a seamless experience with us.

How Long is a Windshield Replacement Warranty?

Windshield replacement warranty durations vary dramatically with shops, but you want a warranty that offers at least several months of coverage. On average, this warranty extends for about 90 days, which is ample time to drive your vehicle around and identify emerging issues.

Whereas some auto glass shops offer lifetime warranties, car owners should read the fine print to identify the exclusions and more limited protections.

Inspecting the Replacement Work

Before leaving the repair shop, take some time to examine the replacement job. Having ensured that the windshield was appropriately replaced, check the following:

  • Moldings (should be tight and correctly aligned)
  • Paint (look for damaged paint around the windshield edge)
  • Water and wind leakage-You can feel or hear the wind when driving if there are wind leaks. A trip to a car wash can help reveal water leaks.
  • Radio (check the frequency reception clarity)
  • Defogger (check if it’s working by turning it on early in the morning)

Require a Warranted Windshield Replacement in Virginia?

For top-notch windshield replacements covered by a comprehensive warranty in Chantilly, turn to Yellowstone Auto Glass. We not only satisfy but also amaze our customers with our works. for a free quote and quick, convenient services, reach out to us via email, calling, or filling our online form.