Quarter glass has to be one of the most overlooked and often forgotten exterior parts of a vehicle. Yet it helps with all-round visibility and, in some cases, reducing the need for air conditioning while increasing fuel efficiency.

Nonetheless, this small glass at the back window or front window is among the common areas targeted by thieves looking to break in vehicles. Flying debris can also be the suspect.

Any damage to this small, side window can leave you hunting for quarter glass replacement services. This is where Yellowstone Auto Glass comes in.

Yellowstone Auto Glass is your top choice when it comes to car glass services in Chantilly and its environs.
We pride ourselves in our high-quality tools and highly trained, certified, professional technicians that are committed to quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

We replace quarter panel glass on all vehicle models and makes. Rest assured you will experience our magic whether you own a new or older car model, SUV, or sedan.

Also, we allow you to choose between in-facility service and mobile service, bringing convenience at your fingertips. Whichever service delivery method is convenient for you, trust us to deliver excellent workmanship using top-quality materials and replacement parts.

What is a Quarter Glass Window?

Also known as vent glass or valance window, a quarter glass window is a side-facing window that’s substantially smaller than the typical car side windows. Typically, it’s an extension of the side window and is found next to the side-view mirrors or above the rear wheels.

The early forms of vent windows can be retracted using a manual tilt mechanism to allow ventilation. However, as concerns for ventilation reduced with time, these versions become less and less popular.

Today, you’ll regularly encounter stationary quarter windows, which leave many individuals wondering questioning their function. The fixed variants are excellent tools for enhancing the driver’s visibility of the surroundings.

At the rear of the vehicle, this panel can help the driver identify a potential black spot. A front quarter glass helps a driver improve the visibility of the front of the vehicle and side mirrors.

Replacing Your Quarter Glass

Quarter glass panel replacement is typically inevitable in most cases, regardless of how small the damage could be. This is because most vent windows constitute tempered glass rather than laminated glass, which is known to hold up to impact better.

When you bring your vehicle to Yellowstone Auto Glass for quarter glass replacement, we’ll first establish whether the side window is retractable or stationary.

In case your vehicle has retractable glass vent, our technicians will also check for damage in the opening mechanism.
Next, we remove all bits of shattered glass from your car, including pieces that might have slipped inside the door panel. We then remove the old adhesive, weatherstrip, and glass retaining nuts.

The next stage involves the preparation of glass mounting. Once we install a new adhesive, we then install the new quarter window, making sure it matches the rest of the windows.

The final steps include tightening the retaining nuts, re-installing the glass panel trim, and cleaning any mess.

Yellowstone Auto Glass guarantees among the finest and safest services, whether you are looking for front or rear side window replacement. Besides, we use manufacturer-approved products that conform to the Auto Glass Safety Council(AGSC) standards.

How Much Does Quarter Panel Glass Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing vent windows varies significantly, depending on whether the glass is stationary or functional.

You expect the replacement of a retractable/functional quarter window to be costlier. However, the rates vary depending on whether the retractable window is mechanically or electrically operated.

Expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $950 for quarter panel glass replacement, depending on your car type, make, model, and year of manufacture, as well as the extent of the damage. The average rate is somewhere above $200.

Yellowstone Auto Glass services are insurance-approved, meaning you may not pay the replacement cost out-of-pocket. We will partner with you to find out if your policy covers auto glass replacement, and consequently process the paperwork for you.

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