Our Vision and Goal

Through consultations with experts in this industry and related institutions, Yellowstone Auto Glass believes that still there is an opportunity to provide better service to customers in this industry and Yellowstone has taken it upon itself to try to move this industry to a better level than what is currently presented in the market and what befits our valued customers and makes us proud of that. Yellowstone aims to make this premium service broader.


We are not looking to satisfy our customers; we are looking to amaze them!

Yellowstone Business Philosophy

Through our monitoring to the market of this industry and by the advice of the Auto Glass University we found that most of the operating auto glass companies depend on the mobile service while Yellowstone philosophy is to carry out all of the services within the facility which means costumers will come to Yellowstone instead of the mobile service going to them for the following reasons;

  1. We ensure the safety of our customers by checking on the windshield replacement by the technician, senior technician, and executive manager and by that we limit human mistakes which might take place when technicians operate outside the shop
  2. Give customers the opportunity to control their time. Most experiences consist of extra waiting hours no knowledge of the progress of your car etc. We provide a flexible schedule that fits the costumer’s daily life
  3. Provide a controlled environment for the technician to perform at their best since they avoid harsh weather that can affect the safety of the replacement.
  4. Customers can take the time to relax and while their glass being replaced in a comfortable waiting room with complimentary Wi-Fi, snacks and coffee, etc.

Nevertheless, Yellowstone also offers mobile services to your home or office if you can’t make it to the shop.

Training and Consultant

  1. All Yellowstone Auto Glass LLC employees graduated from Auto Glass University.
  2. Mr. Bob Beranek (Yellowstone Auto Glass LLC, Consultant) is the:
  • Founder of Auto Glass University.
  • Founder Auto Motive Glass Consultant, Inc.
  • The writer of ‘The Complete Guide to AUTO GLASS INSTALLATION’
  • He was the executive manager for more than 50 branches of Auto Glass Company.